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Similar to any other big city in the United States, New York City suffers from a bad sewage and plumbing system. In case you need plumbing NY work done at your place, you are in luck, Nexus New York Plumber is here to cover plumbing troubles in NY!

Nexus New York Plumber employs only the most experienced and skilled plumbers to serve both residential and commercial customers in NYC. Thus, you can be assured to get your job done in a timely and clean way.

Handymen from Nexus New York Plumber company are certified in plumbing to handle all your plumbing needs from water heater repair, hub plumbing issues, boiler repair, heating corp, and toilet issues to exterior clogged drains and faucets.

So, let’s dig deeper to learn about emergency plumbing services offered by reputable plumbing companies in New York City.

plumbers NY

Plumbing Services Offered By Plumbers NY

If you are having any plumbing issues like leaking pipes, frozen pipes, septic tank issues, kitchen faucet issues, kitchen sink issues, water jetting issues, bathroom sink issues, sewer line issues, broken pipe issues, water heaters issues, etc. in New York (NY), then your go-to plumber will be Nexus New York Plumbers.

They are among the best plumbers in New York (NY). Here are the plumbing services offered by top plumbers in New York:

Plumbing Repairs

Any good plumber in New York offers basic plumbing repair services to NY residences. reputable companies like Nexus New York Plumber come with a team of knowledgeable and experienced plumbers, making sure they can manage any job, irrespective of its complexity and size.

Once you contact them, they come to your place to quickly diagnose the problem and then they provide you with the most suitable solution that will certainly work for your problem. You can count on them for any type of plumbing repairs, replacements, and installation services in New York City.

However, if you are looking for services like air conditioning, HVAC service, and other heating services then Nexus New York Plumber is not for you. You must consider hiring heating companies for that.

Installations of Plumbing Fixtures

Generally, installations of plumbing fixtures are common services that general contracting plumbers perform in New York. Installations of plumbing fixtures consist of sink installation, toilet installation, shower, and tub installations, along with faucet installation.

Plumbing businesses like Nexus New York Plumber also provide you with emergency plumbing services in New York after hours as well as during holidays to make sure your home or workplace is functioning properly and safely.

Heat Pump Services In NY

All types of heat pump techniques need to be serviced and maintained regularly. While some heat pumps need yearly maintenance others need even more routine service to maintain a sound heat pump system. This doesn’t just prevent any potential breakdown but even makes sure that the heat pump systems are completely functional and also are at their best efficiency all year round.

However, a lack of proper maintenance can cause multiple repair fees and even a total breakdown of the heat pump system at your place. Thus, you should consider hiring an expert who offers the best in class services for heat pump repairs, replacements, and installations for the best operation and efficient systems in your office and home. 

So, if you need heat pump service in NY, you can contact Nexus New York Plumber today and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Common Plumbing Problems & Solutions By Plumbing Company In NY

Whether you are facing major or minor plumbing issues in your NY house or office, our team of highly qualified plumbers at Nexus New York Plumber will diagnose and resolve your problem, as well as will give you advice to maintain the system.

Just like any other plumbing company in NY Nexus New York Plumber offers all common plumbing services. Once you call Nexus, professional plumbers will visit your place, determine the problems, and give you free estimates for the job, if you agree to their quotes, the work begins immediately at your time convenience.

Pipe Upgrades, Replacement, & Relining

In case your house or office has old pipes that are showing issues like wear and tear, then it may be high time for pipe upgrades. Nexus New York Plumber offers a wide variety of pipe upgrades in NY to help clients get the maximum out of the plumbing system in NYC.

From replacing or repairing worn-out pipes at your place with new pipes to establishing new lines completely, plumbers from Nexus can manage any job, small or big.

Sewer Cleaning, Line Repair, & Replacement

Generally, sewer lines get damaged by tree branches and roots that grow into the sewer or they can get damaged by falling big trees on the sewer line. Sewer lines can even be damaged by issues like freezing temperatures, and thus, winter storms are infamous for leading to sewage blockages in homes or offices with dying plumbing systems.

As soon as a repair job is required on your home or office sewer system, Nexus New York Plumber’s licensed plumbers have the knowledge and tools needed to get the work done right at the first attempt—and make sure that your home or office stays safe from future damage induced by broken sewer pipes or other problems.

Drain Cleaning Service

Drain cleaning is among the most common services offered by plumbers in NY. Nexus New York Plumber cleans drains, toilets, sewer lines, sinks, and bathtubs. The drain cleaner at Nexus offers you services to unclog your drain.

A drain may clog due to grease buildup or any other reason. However, no matter what the reason is, Nexus New York Plumber can handle it all with the most efficiency.

Leak Detection And Repair

Nexus New York Plumber offers you plumbing services for leak detection and repair in New York City. If you find any pipe leaking at your home or office, you can contact Nexus New York Plumber for proper detection and repair or replacement at once.

Emergency Plumbing And Heating

Nexus New York Plumber understands that emergencies related to plumbing issues can occur anytime, thus, Nexus offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services in NYC. Our knowledgeable and experienced plumbers reach your business or home within an hour after receiving your call as well as diagnose and resolve your issue immediately.

So, if you are having any emergency plumbing requirements, you can contact Nexus New York Plumber at once to get the job done within a few hours of contacting us.

Why It Is Essential To Hire Only Licensed Plumbers In New York City?

Plumbing is important to work that affects a home’s or business’ basic functionality. For instance, the installation of a sewage line could result in waterborne sickness, flooding, or the deterioration of the foundation, among other problems. A plumbing license reduces the likelihood of subpar work and attests to a specific level of experience.

However, there are also other reasons to hire only a licensed plumber in NYC. Let’s have a look at the reasons that show how much is it important to hire only a licensed person for your New York City plumbing services:

Great Service Guaranteed

Only a licensed plumber like Nexus New York Plumber can guarantee you a great service experience. Licensed plumbing business always employs only skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced experts who know how to deal with plumbing issue.

Thus, you can be rest assured to get only high-quality service when you decide to hire only a licensed plumber for your job.

Offers Great Value For Your Money

When you hire a licensed plumber for your plumbing services, you get great value for your money. This is because licensed plumbing companies have professionals who are highly qualified to get the job done on the first attempt. Thus, you do not have to waste your money again and again on plumbers.

The charge for plumbers in NYC isn’t a matter of joke. So, hiring plumbers often is not anyone’s choice. Thus, it is better to hire a licensed professional to get the job done on the first attempt.

High-Quality Work

As we already have mentioned that a licensed professional plumber only employs highly qualified experts, thus, they can certainly offer you the best in town services. So, why would you waste your money by hiring an unlicensed professional who is not approved by state law to work on your home’s plumbing system?

Service From Professional Plumbers In New York

We all know that professionals are highly skilled to perform any level of work with perfection. Thus, when you hire a licensed professional plumber in NY, you are rest assured to get the best service from them.


Generally licensed plumbers like Nexus New York Plumber offers you insured service to make up for any occurrence during the service period. So, when you hire a licensed plumber in NYC you are sure to get insured service, meaning your property is safe from any occurrence that may happen during the work period.


License plumbers are highly skilled to perform any job with utmost safety. So, when you hire a licensed plumber in New York (NY), you are assured to get safety from the service.

Can Handle All Legal Issues

A licensed professional has proper knowledge of the state’s law and order to work according to the rules and regulations set by the authority of the state. Thus, when you hire a licensed professional, you do not have to worry about legal issues that may irritate you in the future.

Risks of Hiring Unlicensed Plumbers

Here are only a few of the most common risks involved with appointing an unlicensed plumber for your NY plumbing service. Let’s have a look at the risks below:

Poor Work Quality

Plumbing is difficult. Even routine jobs like snaking a drain need experience and specialized equipment. To maintain their license, a plumber needs to clear exams and receive certifications. While the regulations differ from state to state, the majority of jurisdictions require plumbers to take continuing education courses as a condition of their license.

Any of those things are not necessary for an unlicensed plumber. They won’t have passed any exams or taken any classes, yet they’ll dig into your walls or your yard. Sounds dangerous, huh? After all, we’re talking about the water supply for your place here.

Extra Costs

Although hiring unlicensed plumbers may save you money, who will be responsible for the extra costs if they make a mistake?

You may have to pay for the expense of repiping a house or fixing other plumbing errors in case an unlicensed contractor leaves you with broken pipes, malfunctioning taps, or a half-finished project.

You can file a formal complaint with the licensing board in case a licensed plumber performs subpar work. That serves as a considerable incentive to maintain good moral character.

Code Violations & Permits

To ensure security and compliance with local laws and regulations, many significant plumbing projects, such as plumbing a bathroom, need a variety of licenses. Those permissions can be obtained without difficulty by a qualified plumber. However, an unlicensed plumber is unable to carry out such actions.

They will be unable to acquire the required building permits due to their licensing status. So, it is better to hire a licensed plumber who can get the needed building permit to perform the job without inviting any legal issues.

Risk of Disease

The drinking water in the United States is among the safest in the world. There is still room for development, though. 7.2 million Americans fall ill with waterborne illnesses each year as per CDC. By employing a dependable and registered plumber nearby, you can reduce your chance of getting a waterborne sickness.

n unlicensed plumber might not have the expertise required to handle these crucial jobs as they do not know the proper order of water-source piping, gas-line piping, and waste-source piping, which increases the risk of disease.

No Liability Insurance

A surety bond and plumbing liability insurance is typically required as part of the licensing procedure in most states. This implies that the business will cover any accidents and damages sustained by the plumber throughout the job. Additionally, any accidental harm to your property is covered by this insurance.

An unlicensed plumber could not have any type of insurance, which could expose you to harsh legal repercussions. In actuality, the unlicensed plumber can file a lawsuit against you if they are hurt while working on your home.

Additionally, it should go without saying that you are responsible for any kind of property damage. Your homeowner’s insurance or property insurance policy may ultimately be affected by this.

Legal Issues

Most states forbid not only the employment of unlicensed plumbers but also the hiring of such workers to perform tasks. In case an unlicensed plumber messes up the neighborhood’s (actual) water system, you could be fined, sued, or even taken to court.

A plumber is compelled by licensing to keep abreast of neighborhood laws, ordinances, and policies. In other words, you can be in legal trouble in case an unlicensed plumber makes a blunder. You won’t if a qualified plumber makes a mistake.

Plumbing Scams

Some plumbers don’t have their client’s best interests in mind. Make sure your contractor has a valid license to avoid common plumbing frauds. Since you may report them for fraud or scams, and they could lose their license as a result, licensed plumbers are considerably less inclined to try it.

How To Know If The Plumber Is Licensed Or Not?

Before you sign a contract with any plumber, check whether the plumber has a valid license to perform the job or not. It may appear to be a little intricate, but you just have to know exactly what to look for to know whether the plumber is licensed or not.

An unlicensed plumber generally has quite a few warning signs—whether it is bad reviews, a reluctance to provide proper information, or no online presence. It can be anything. However, to find out the difference between a licensed and an unlicensed plumber, you should know what you need to look for.

So, here are a few helpful tips from our end that may help you know more about your plumber’s credentials. Let’s have a look at the tips below to know exactly what you need to look for to verify:

Ask for a copy of their License

In case your plumber is insured and licensed, ask to check the copy of the insurance and license they claim to hold for the job you are hiring him for. In case they deny showing the license and insurance to you, it is certainly a primary red flag.

Because a licensed and insured plumber should have no problems proving their credentials to you. Typically, they will carry their license and insurance proof with them to show those to their clients. If you decide to hire Nexus New York Plumber, you can ask for their license and they will willingly show you their license to prove their authenticity.

Consult a trade association

A lot of trustworthy plumbers in NYC are members of trade associations. Some of them are national associations, such as the PHCC (Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association), the MCAA (Mechanical Contractors Association of America), or the ASPE (American Society of Plumbing Engineers). Others are local groups like the PHCC (Plumbing-Heating-Cooling) of California as well as the PHCC Master Plumbers Wisconsin Association.

So, you can consult these trade associations to find out whether the plumbing company is a member of those associations or not to verify their legal presence.

Check The License Board of The State

Many states and cities in the United States have a list of licensed plumbers—you only have to know where to look for it. For instance, in NYC, you can check plumber licensing from the Dept of Buildings website.

If you are concerned about whether Nexus New York Plumber is a licensed plumber in NYC or not, you can check their license status from the official website.

Consider the Cost Of a Plumber

Most plumbers charge between $45 and $200 per hour. Price that appears too appealing to be true typically has an explanation. To gain an idea of average local costs, talk to at least three contractors. A warning indication might be raised if a single quote is much lower than the others.

When Is The Best Time To Call Plumbers If You Have a Clogged Toilet?

Here is how you learn when to call for an expert plumber in case you have got a clogged toilet. Let’s have a look at the points that shows that you need a professional for your clogged toilet.

The Toilet Will Not Stop Running

When you see that your toilet taps are continuously running water then it is time to take action. Now you may think of doing it yourself, but what if you make the situation even worse in an attempt to repair that yourself? So, it is always better to call a professional in such cases to handle the matter with care and perfection.

The Plunger In Not Working

In case you have undergone a clogged or blocked toilet due to excessive toilet paper use, the next most important thing that will come to mind is to use the plunger to handle the block or clog. In case after utilizing a plunger, you can’t break the block or clog, then that is high time to call a professional plumber. 

A professional plumber will dig deeper to find out the root cause of the issue and will take action accordingly to resolve the issue at once.

Foul Odor From Your Toilet

A clogged or blocked toilet can cause leaks. When there is a leak in your toilet pipes, this can cause a foul odor in the toilet. Now, this’s a horrible situation as you will be incapable of staying in the house due to the foul odor from your toilet.

Furthermore, leaking pipes may damage the bathroom walls, the bathroom floor, or anything else in the toilet. Thus, you should immediately call a professional plumber like Nexus New York Plumber to fix the problem before it turns into a bigger issue. 

The Toilet Is Clogged With A Foreign Object

Any foreign object could damage the septic lines because the toilet is designed to enable the passage of urine and excreta. Toys, plastic, electronics, and other items represent a few of the things that clog drainage systems. To fix this issue, get in touch with a professional plumber like Nexus New York Plumber if you are having it right now.

The Toilet Has Loose Flooring

In case the floor of your toilet is cracked, there can be a leak under the ground. If this issue is not resolved quickly, it could lead to dampness spreading to other areas. Before it becomes worse, you should call a professional plumber like Nexus New York Plumber to fix the issue.

What Makes Nexus New York Plumber One Of The Best Plumbing Contractors?

Why should you choose us when there are so many plumbers available in New York to choose from? We are the top plumbers in NYC at Plumbing NYC because of the following reasons:

Many Years Of Experience

We at Nexus New York Plumber have been in this business for many years now and have worked for thousands of residential and commercial clients so far. We also have the required experience to manage any job related to plumbing in NYC.

Required Expertise For Plumbing

Nexus New York Plumber has professionals at diagnosing issues and providing the most suitable solutions to clients. Our plumbers are insured, licensed, and bonded.

Competitive Pricing Range

Nexus New York Plumber offers you a very reasonable price as compared to other plumbing companies. We aim to offer the best service at an affordable price range so that people can get a safe plumbing system.

Always On Time

We always try our best to reach you and resolve your issue on time. If you hire us, you will not have to worry about the job getting done on time.

Quick response:

We respond as quickly as possible to make sure our clients do not feel left alone when they need us the most.

Highly trained team

We at Nexus New York Plumber only employ highly trained plumbers to make sure our clients get only the best service ever possible.

Great customer service

We offer outstanding customer service to our clients to make sure they get their queries cleared whenever they have any queries. We are available 24*7 for our customers.

Fulfill All Your Plumbing Needs In NY

Our team of plumbers is highly experienced, knowledgable, and skilled to fulfill any kinds of plumbing services you may need in your NYC house or business.


For all of your plumbing needs in New York City, call Nexus New York Plumber, the industry experts. For the past few years, plumbing in New York City has become a business.

We have consistently provided all inhabitants of New York City with first-rate plumbing services.

Our superior level of service precedes us!